Company Know-How

Company Know-How

Genius sectional doors result from a constant analysis of Italian and European door performance and safety regulations coupled with an on-going search for quality improvement of production raw materials and components.
Consequently, the Ferraro management has defined sound size and performance standards, implementation possibilities, production processes, control charts and component tracking procedures.

Each Genius sectional door is always supplied with both CE certificates attesting the door compliance to pertinent CE regulations and an easy-to-understand manual including correct assembling and necessary maintenance information.

detrazioni-fiscali-risparmio-energetico-sezionaliIn compliance with UNI EN 13241-1, Genius sectional doors guarantee the following performance characteristics:

  • Durability: 15.000 cycles for residential sectional doors.
    • Upon request, it is possible to configure doors up to 100.000 cycles.
  • Wind resistance: at least Class 2.
  • Heat transmission rate: depending on mantle characteristics*

* Sectional doors belong to the category of products contributing to building energy saving. Therefore, they may qualify for pertinent tax deduction

Employing the latest cad-cam design technology, Ferraro’s technical staff designs possible application solutions taking care of the smallest detail, in order to prevent any unplanned event from occurring on the installation site.

Achieving high quality in compliance with the most recent European regulations constitutes a mission goal for all the employees involved with the whole manufacturing and aftersale-support
processes. Rigorous internal procedures allow for daily monitoring of all the activities converging into the realization of the Genius sectional door.