Ferraro Group srl

Ferraro Group srl

Experience and innovation

More than thirty years ago, the Ferraro brothers, Angelo and Antonio, gave birth to Ferraro.

Thanks to their life-long experience in the field of garage doors, the Ferraro brothers were able to take a path of growth and innovation that saw the transition of the company from a craft enterprise to a well-established industrial reality, where research, quality and innovation are pivotal to the business philosophy.

Ferraro Group srl is now specialised in the production of civil and industrial doors, characterised by the strength of their design and manufacturing. Genius sectional doors are a key product of the company.

The Ferraro group headquarters are located In the Ariano Irpino industrial area. It is a modern and well-equipped industrial plant with offices and exhibiting room, on a 10.000sq area in the middle of the green Irpinian hills, a place of timeless landscapes. Ferraro’s strength is a very dynamic management, always in pace with, and often ahead of, its time, capable to anticipate the needs and trends of the market.