Sectional Doors – Detailed Description

Sectional Doors – Detailed Description


The Genius sectional door’s mantle consists of 40 mm.-thick insulated panels made of two layers of pre-coated galvanized steel and/or PVC-coated steel with high-density, polyurethane, CFC-free foam on between. Therefore, Genius doors feature low heat transmission rates and high sound insulation due also to the interrupted heat bridge between the panel’s inner and outer steel sheet.

The panel’s peculiar section guarantees fingers safety according to EN12604 standard.

The panel’s bottom features an elastic gasket which makes panels’ interspace both airproof and waterproof. Moreover, an inner, steel-made, double stiffener placed over the entire panel’s length guarantees hinge screws’ and omega profiles’ adequate firmness.

The panel external finish can be smooth, stucco-embossed or, upon request, woodgrain-embossed. Such finishes are normally available for the various door lines (Lennox, Rialto, Master, Edison, Astro, Gamma, and Magic) and come in different colors which can be solid or woodgrain.

The panel’s inside is always RAL 9010-white, ribbed and stucco-embossed.

Panel ends are reinforced by C-shaped profiles (side caps) made of pre-coated, RAL 9010-white, galvanized steel. Side hinges are screwed upon the side caps and inside the panel. Together with intermediate, panel-screwed ones, side hinges ensure correct panel coupling and rotation.

Both side and intermediate hinges are steel-made. Side hinges feature a nylon-roller housing; rollers are assembled on bearings and, in turn, fixed on top of steel shafts.

The panel’s bottom features an aluminum profile which houses an EPDM, floor-sealing, closure liner. A gasket placed on either the door’s lintel or its upper cover ensures door’s top sealing.

Depending on their size and/or panel color, doors can include internal, galvanized or RAL 9010-white, strengthening, omega-shaped, steel profiles.


Door tracks are made of galvanized steel profiles whose thickness and section are determined to house adequately the nylon rollers which support door panels.

Vertical tracks are fixed to either brickwork or steel posts by L-shaped profiles. Special co-extruded, soft-lip gaskets on the L-shaped profile ensure overall air-tightness and water-proofness.

Exclusive self-supporting mounting brackets, fixed on L-shaped profiles’ upper end, support the torsion spring system and the eventual upper cover.

The horizontal track section consists of a two-track set.

The lower track is connected to the vertical track by a curved intermediate portion which guarantees non-stop door movement between closed and open positions.

The upper, ceiling-oriented track ends with a truncated curve which houses only the top-panel’s upper roller. Punched installation brackets secure the two-track set to the building brickwork.


For improved door performance, high-carbon galvanized-steel torsion springs ensure proper door balance. Springs are secured to the shaft by aluminum, die-cast spring plugs.

The shaft is made of galvanized steel of adequate thickness with keyway. Both shaft ends are equipped with aluminum cable drums which drive the winding of the steel cables lifting the door.

The system is designed to perform at least 15.000 opening-closing cycles (4 cycles per day, for 10 years); however, upon request, it is possible to supply intensive-use systems which can perform up to 100.000 cycles.

Eventual spring covers are made of white, pre-coated steel.


In order to avoid any damage to both people and things, sectional doors are equipped with safety devices that stop door movement in case of lifting cable or torsion spring failure.

If listed or upon request, door rollers are equipped with special, nylon finger guards which prevent finger pinching from occurring during door operation.


Doors are always supplied with a plastic-like handle.

Upon request, in order to ensure door’s proper locking, it is possible to provide the door with either an internal steel lock bolt (in such a case, make sure that the garage has an additional entrance or the sectional door is equipped with a pedestrian door) or an external handle-and-cylinder lock.

For chain/belt-drive-opener-operated doors, the operator’s self-locking feature prevents door opening also if power failures occur.

For on-the-shaft-opener-operated doors, we install an electric lock which automatically starts working as soon as the door is closed.


Doors are normally designed for manual operation. However, upon request, they can be supplied with single-phase, 220V-50Hz, chain/belt-drive openers.

Such openers can automatically detect any obstacles for the door movement and, hence, either revert or stop it.

It is also possible to equip the door with side openers installed directly on the spring shaft.

Upon request, we can supply a wide range of opener accessories.


Doors are always supplied with: EC type-approval mark plate with door serial number; installation, operation, maintenance and safety manuals; and Declaration of Performance (DoP) according to EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR) 305/2011 and in compliance with harmonized standard EN 13241-1



In compliance with General Sale Conditions, GENIUS sectional doors come with a 10-year warranty. As far as replacement parts are concerned, the warranty period is six (6) months.

More details in our General Sales Terms.


detrazioni-fiscali-risparmio-energetico-sezionali-piccoloTHERMAL AND SOUND RESISTANCE

Due to both the quality of their panels’ insulating foam and the sealings applied to panels, side tracks, upper lintel, and bottom profile, Genius doors guarantee optimal thermal and sound resistance.

Sectional doors belong to the list of products which contribute to building energy savings; therefore, they may qualify for tax deduction.

In order to enjoy such tax benefit, the room where the door is installed must be heated.