Door Panels

Genius sectional doors’ panels are manufactured with state-of-the-art technology.

The production process is monitored constantly to guarantee respect of size tolerance and absence of superficial flaws.

Panels are sandwich-like, that is made of a double, zinc-plated, steel sheet with interposed, high-density, polyurethane foam.

The latter makes the panel sturdy, ensures its superficial flatness, and causes it to achieve optimal heat resistance rates.


Anti-pinch protection

In compliance with EN 12604 standard, the panel’s juncture section has been specifically designed to prevent accidental finger pinching form occurring while the door closes.


Strenghtening profiles

Panels feature an inner, longitudinal, reinforcement profile which improves fastening of both door hinges and Omega-shaped, strengthening profiles.


Protective film

Genius sectional doors are delivered with a transparent, adhesive film which protects door panels and preserves their superficial integrity during both factory processing and construction-site installation. It is important to remove the protective film within five (5) days from door installation.


Steel sheet structure

Genius panels’ internal side is always RAL 9010-white, staved and stucco-embossed. Such a standard combination is commonly agreed-upon by all our customers who prefer light door inner colors to match better the walls’ white.

Steel sheet structure

Metal sheet superficial finish is pre-coated or PVC-coated. Both finisches guarantee great resistance to weather agents, UV-rays, humiidity, and light exposure, which allows GENIUS doors installation evenin locations characterized by particularity severe environment and weather conditions.

Provided that metal sheet pre-coating and PVC-coating have been used in different markets (building construction; automotive; home appliance; manufacturing industry; etc.) for several decades, such technologies can be considered absolutely tested and risk-free.