Door Versions


An Elegant door is the ideal door for customers looking for an aesthetically unique, full-comfort, safe and high-performance door-just a different door. Elegant doors constitute a condensed mix of elegance, functional capacity and attention to detail.

Standard door panels are made of pre-coated steel available only in solid colors which maintain over time their shade, brightness, and weather resistance properties-even in case of extreme weather conditions. Standard, external, panel finish is stucco-embossed.

However, the panel external finish can be also woodgrain-embossed or smooth (the latter is not available for the Rialto line).
Door tracks, side hinges (single-roller ones) and intermediate hinges are made of galvanized steel. Instead, the door’s bottom end profile is made of black-varnished aluminum.

Classic doors’ core concept is essentiality. Nevertheless, several Elegant doors’ accessories can be added to a Classic door to satisfy those little, look-related or functional desires which make one’s door unique.


Standard door panels are made of PVC-coated stell, available in solid colors (Italy exclusive rights), Raffaello and several wood-like ones. Panels’ external finish is always proposed as smooth in order to exalt the door’s aesthetic appeal; such a panel is characterized by an absolutely plane surface whose slight roughness makes it scratch-free and easy to wash.

The PVC coating ensures steel superficial protection. Its characteristics guarantee exceptional performance over time as far as resistance to weather agents and corrosion in particular are concerned.

In the Elegant version, even the door’s internal side has been designed with attention to the smallest detail. Door tracks are made of white-varnished steel; moreover, the panels’ side gasket allows optimum insulation.

Side hinges are white, flat-shaped (to prevent hooking), and fixed to the panel with hidden screws covered by white PVC caps. Duplex rollers reduce door’s operating noise while finger guards (PVC roller protections) prevent accidental finger pinching from occurring. The door’s bottom end profile is made of aluminum which is also powder-coated (Black or White) to match the mantle’s color. The torsion spring system cover is made of white, pre-coated steel.


2 Mantle, gasket-retaining, bottom profile - 6 Bottom gasket

2 Mantle, gasket-retaining, bottom profile – 6 Bottom gasket

4a Side hinge - 4c Rollers

4a Side hinge
4c Rollers

4b Intermediate hinge

4b Intermediate hinge

19 Aluminum handle-and-cylinder lock

19 Aluminum handle-and-cylinder lock

14 Spring breaking device

14 Spring breaking

7 Top and lintel gasket

7 Top and lintel gasket

8 Classic - Standard - Co-extruded, black

8 Classic – Standard – Co-extruded, black

8 Elegant - Side gasket

8 Elegant – Side gasket

5 Elegant Mantle handle

5 Elegant Mantle handle

20 Intrusion-free floor plate

20 Intrusion-free floor plate

1 (*)PanelsPRE-COATED steel / PCV-COATED external finish
2Aluminum, powder-coated, blackAluminum, powder-coated, blackAluminum, powder-coated, black or white.
For PVC-coated TL96E and TL89E panel doors, available upon
request also as PVC-coated, mantle-matching colored on the
outside and white varnished on the inside.
3Mantle top profile
PRE-COATED steel, white
4 a (*)Side hingeZinc-plated steelFlat-shaped, white, powder-coated steel, white PVC screw
The lack of protrusion with respect to the panel line eliminates
accidental hooking and door climbing risks.
4 b (*)Intermediate hingeZinc-plated steelWhite, powder-coated steel with white, PVC,
screw caps.
4 c (*)RollersSingle rollerDuplex rollers, with PVC finger guard
5 (*)Mantle handleStandard - Nylon, shell-shaped, black,
Ergonomic and stylish - It is made of special plastic materials
resulting in handle’s elegant and shiny finish. Available in three
bi-colored versions which pleasantly match the mantle’s color.
6Bottom gasket
7Top and lintel gasket
8 (*)Side gasketStandard - Co-extruded, blackThermal gasket which completely seals vertical angles and,
consequently, guarantees total door/wall insulation .
9Panel gasket
Standard - elastic material
10Omega-shaped, strengthening profile
White, PRE-COATED steel; employed depending on door’s width, sun exposure, and color.
11Cable breaking deviceStandard - Co-extruded, blackStandard
12 (*)Tracks, back gauge, angle bracketsSturdy, zinc-plated steel profilesSturdy, zinc-plated steel profiles and powder-coated with
white color. Standard only for double-track, front-mountedspring,
H< 3 mt. doors. (**)
13Torsion springs
High-strength steel, designed for 15.000 cycles (upon request, designed for up to 100.000 cycles).
External finish: zinc-plated or coated
14Spring breaking device
Safety device which blocks door fall if torsion springs break.
15Special bracket for ceiling spring
system anchoring
If shaft bracket front anchoring to either the lintel or the frame cover is not secure, this special set allows anchoring the spring
system to the ceiling.
Available upon request
16Torsion spring system support
Innovative “hook-like” coupling system for faster door assembling.
The spring shaft can be installed by just one person
17 (*)White, PRE-COATED steel, spring
The spring shaft can be installed by just one personStandard
Zinc-plated. It ensures door inside locking. It can be supplied if the garage has an additional entrance and/or the garage door
has a built-in wicket door.
Available upon request
19Aluminum handle-and-cylinder lock
Black-coated aluminum lock plate and handle; Ferraro-branded. It allows door locking from both the inside and the outside.
When this lock is requested, handle ref. # 5 is not included.
Available upon request
20 (*)Intrusion-free floor plate
Stainless steel plate placed beneath vertical tracks. Besides protecting tracks from rust,
it hinders track uprooting in case of burglary attempts.
Available upon requestStandard
21EC type-approval marking and serial
number plate
22Curved-track safety plate.Available upon requestStandard
(*) ELEGANT Doors standard components which are available upon request for CLASSIC Doors.
(**) Upon request, Ferraro can supply Classical door components.
(***) Not installed on single-spring sectional doors only if they are equipped with cable breaking devices (ref. #11) – in such a case, cable breaking devices guarantee door’s safety.
(****) Upon request, it is possible to leave out the spring cover.

A Genius sectional doors’ standard configuration can be completed by adding several optional components: wicket doors, windows, ventilation grills, frame posts, frame covers, door automation items, etc. Please, refer to following pages for further details.

Genius doors characteristics are constantly updated to make them comply to the most recent legal requirements and technological standards. For such a reason, the above-indicated configurations may vary anytime. Therefore, we suggest to contact our technical staff at the time of purchase to verify doors’ exact configuration.