Esempio-portone-sezionaleTaste for style; movement easiness; solution ingeniouness. Such factors determined GENIUS sectional doors’ success making them become Hobsons’ choice in the realm of garage doors. Special attention to component choice has been paid since the project’s beginning in order to satisfy modern design and house furnishing peculiar demands. Customers can choose from a wide range of door models, colors, and finishes to unleash creativity and desire for uniqueness. This allows them to add those distinguished marks which make their homes become dream-homes.

GENIUS sectional doors suit also installation in garages with arch-shaped, rounded – or inclined – edge lintels. Their installation is virtually problem – free also on sloped floor – in such a case, the door features a bevel-cut, special-gasket, bottom panel.

GENIUS sectional doors offer several vertical slide options which allow them to work properly also in the presence of sloped ceilings, beams, pipelines, transom windows, etc. Doors are designed to slide as close and as parallel as possible to the ceiling allowing for maximum garage room utilization.

Easy to install and user-friendly: two GENIUS sectional door peculiarities.

Installers like these doors provided that all components are factory pre-assembled, well identified and packed (door packaging is 100%-comprehensive and robust).

Daily users love them provided that provided that they can be opened both manually, with virtually no effort, and automatically, by simply pushing a transmitter or smartphone button.

Examples – Front View

Portone Standard


Portone con Spigoli Arrotondati

Rounded corners

Portone ad Arco


Portone con Spigoli Obliqui

Cut corners

Portone con Pavimento Inclinato

Sloped floor


Elevation types

Architrave Ribassata

Lowered lintel

Solaio Inclinato

Sloped ceiling

Elevazione Alzata

High lift

Elevazione Alzata/Inclinata

High and sloped lift

Portone Inclinato

Inclined door